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Welcome at the official Website of the Gospel Sisters & Brothers.
After a long break we are back ;-) We really enjoyed our summer holidays and now we are very busy again. This year we will have got a new programme with new songs and we deal with a performance. We are really proud to welcome new members. Sonn you will be able to read something about them!

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About Anja

Name: Anja Schwarzer

Birthday: July 13th, 1988

Residence: Barchfeld, a hicksville in Thuringia

Main Job: I'm going to school and trying to get my Abitur

When did you start making music? Well...good question...I think I always sung (with 2 years or something), my first instrument was with 7 years a melodica, for 1 year. After that for 3 years accordion, than for 5 years keyboard (still a bit) and now for nearly 2 years I'm playing piano. Ohh yeah, I also played clarinet for 2 years. If I could, I would do much more, but the time...

Favourite Music: Rock, Gothic, Metal, Reggae, Soul, Blues and Gospel of course

Favourite Bands: Wow! To less space here, but definitley Nickelback

Imagine you're in a bar. Which music would make you leave it? 100 percent *baffing* Hip Hop and German folk music

Which celebrity would you like to meet? This is no question: Johnny Depp

Motto: Don't think about things you could do, just do them!
This is how the cookie crumbles!

Description of the "Gospel Sisters": Well...I really could imagine to have better people. You should imagine how they sounds in reality. If we have a concert we're always playing playback, 'cause the audience shall stay and not run away. And I'm really confused about the fact, that Carolin got it to go to Osnabrueck.
All rubbish! Those are the best people I've ever known, I really can't imagine something better. Every proof is killingly funny!