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Welcome at the official Website of the Gospel Sisters & Brothers.
After a long break we are back ;-) We really enjoyed our summer holidays and now we are very busy again. This year we will have got a new programme with new songs and we deal with a performance. We are really proud to welcome new members. Sonn you will be able to read something about them!

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About Anne

Name: Anne Knöchelmann

Birthday: 1st 12. 1989

Home: a little town in Thuringia called Bad Liebenstein

Main job: At the moment I`m a student in the 11th class at the grammar school of my home town. My advanced courses are German and English.

When did you start making music?: When I was in class 2 I decided to learn how to play the keys. Now I`m learning to play the piano and I join the Gospel Sisters.

Favourite music: I prefer hearing Reggae & Ska-everything which gives a summer atmosphere

Favourite band: Dr. Woggle & the Radio, Mutabor, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Imagine you are in a bar. Which kind of music would make you leave it? I would leave this bar if I heard House or something like that.

Which celebrity would you like to meet?I really would like to meet Jeff Buckley, Hans Söllner (even if he`s not so popular…), Anthony Kiedies and Orlando Bloom

Motto:There is a song called “High” of the German band Mutabor. I think this song is something like a motto for me.

Describtion of the Gospel Sisters:This is a great group with fantastic and lovely people. I really like to be together with them! Of course, we are a bit strange and crazy but all in all we are like a real family. And I don`t want to miss Horst, Elsbeth and all he others ;-)
You guys are great!!!