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Welcome at the official Website of the Gospel Sisters & Brothers.
After a long break we are back ;-) We really enjoyed our summer holidays and now we are very busy again. This year we will have got a new programme with new songs and we deal with a performance. We are really proud to welcome new members. Sonn you will be able to read something about them!

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About Caro

Name: Carolin Fink

Birthday: March 6th, 1988
Residence: Bad Salzungen
Main Job: Musical Student at the German Musical Academy

When did you start making music? Well… it has been some time ago.. I started playing Keyboard at the age of 7. So I play keyboard for 11 years now. And I had modern vocal lessons for the last 2 years. But I'm singing my whole life long.

Favourite Music: ♥ Musicals ♥ ("RENT", "Dance of the Vampires", "Cats", "3 Musketiere", "Elisabeth" and many others) ... well.. I like to listen to some other stuff too, but that depends on my mood. But I don't like German folk music or "Musikantenstadl"

Favourite Bands: Well.. I don't have any favourite Band... But I like The Poodles, P!nk and Good Charlotte

Imagine you're in a bar. Which music would make you leave it? Entertainers with Discs (so they don't play music on their own), LaFee, Rap, all that Metal- and HipHop-Freaks.

Which celebrity would you like to meet? that would definitely be John Partridge (ok.. I've meet him once yet... he's awesome!), Manuel Cortez (a German actor) and of course Orlando Bloom. ♥

Motto: Don’t dream it – Be it! [from the "Rocky Horror (Picture) Show"]

Description of the "Gospel Sisters": crazy, funny, freaky, noisy , sometimes strenuous (especially when we haven't seen each other for a while!).
Well.. I really love my "Sisters" and we all have lots of fun with singing, because they're all very talented and you can feel our passion for music ^^