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Welcome at the official Website of the Gospel Sisters & Brothers.
After a long break we are back ;-) We really enjoyed our summer holidays and now we are very busy again. This year we will have got a new programme with new songs and we deal with a performance. We are really proud to welcome new members. Sonn you will be able to read something about them!

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About Simi

Name: Simone Schneider (Simi )

Birthday: 13.07.1987 ... so I belong to the old hares *lol*
Residence: the idyllic and sunny village Immelborn
Main Job: That's a good question. I'm in the process to get a training place. Recently I was an Au Pair.

When did you start making music? Oh, another good question. Originally I always sang (how good is another question :D). Ive had a year of singing lessons as well. And I started with Keyboard in autumn 1997. Before that I was a passionate recorder player *lol*. And finally Im a member of Key-action since autumn 2004, the now called Gospel Sisters. (What a career!!!)

Favourite Music: Rock (Middle Ages Rock), but also RnB and Gospel (Im not that commit in this point)

Favourite Bands: there are some, for example Schandmaul, Evanescence, die rzte, Norah Jones, Juan Garcia, James Morrison, Snow Patrol ... and of course the Gospel Sisters and Colin Vassell

Imagine you're in a bar. Which music would make you leave it? Techno, House.

Which celebrity would you like to meet? Well, youve always fun with Juan Garcia. Or with another one of my favourite bands. ...

Motto: : "Theres nothing good except if you do it." (wow, thats hard to translate, because its a German proverb. This was just a trial.)

Description of the "Gospel Sisters": Unbelievable!!! We are a wonderful group and Im so glad to be in this group and to sing with them.