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New Layout! I hope you like it


Welcome at the official Website of the Gospel Sisters & Brothers.
After a long break we are back ;-) We really enjoyed our summer holidays and now we are very busy again. This year we will have got a new programme with new songs and we deal with a performance. We are really proud to welcome new members. Sonn you will be able to read something about them!

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International Choir- Festival in Bad Hersfeld

Hey guys!

It was a really amazing weekend and we`ve met a lot of great people there!

I`m going to publish some photos here on our homepage in a little photo story but I think I need some more time.

On this way I would like to say hello to all who also joined the festival on the 12th and 13th May. It was a pleasure to sing together with you!

Greetings, much love

Anne am 14.5.07 20:49

Happy Valentine!!!


Ok my dears, 'cause of the Valentine today, I thought I could make I new comment.
Valentine is the day of the people who are in love- in general. It's the honor to St. Valentine.
But I'm the only one with a partner (these are my news) so none of you have to do anything with this day.
But I know, that we like each other reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much and it's no matter for us, that today is the day for people in love. I would say we hug each other in our mind. We can do this in reality in the next proof

Now I hope you're a bit happy about may comment and happy for the next session.

I really love you all, the Anjalein

Add.: I remembered, that I'm NOT the only one with a partner. Siegrun has her husband. I'm just a

Anja am 14.2.07 13:54

The Time's about to come...

... and we're travelling to the Gospel Workshop in Denmark!
We're all really looking forward to it!

Right now we're printing our t-shirts, then we're packing our suitcases and oil our voices ^^

I hope we'll have an amazing time in Denmark with lots of great experiences, many great people and of course a lot of fun with singing

Well.. I started to upload some dates where we have concerts or other performances. There are more to come but I forgot to notice me some ^^ So I have to ask Siegrun

Anything else?! Yes... You'll get your t-shirts on friday.
Aaand we're really looking forward meeting Simi at the Hamburg station! We hardly missed her a lot

Ok.. See you at friday morning at 7:45.

Take care,
Caro am 24.1.07 16:55

... and the rest ^^

Ok.. We almost have all fact files..
But I still need pictures of some of you ^^ Come on, girls!

And I hope Franzi and Simi will send me their fact files before we're going to Denmark.

Uh.. I almost forget! This site now has the official address:

Great, isn't it?!

See you on friday!
Caro am 16.1.07 22:07


Hey guys ^^

I've uploaded the first fact files. You can find them in the section "About us". There are more to come ^^
Aaaaaand I need Franzi's mail-address... do somebody has it?
And last but not least I need a picture of everybody who hasn't send one yet. ^^

Thanks a lot! I'm off till tuesday.

Caro am 13.1.07 16:52

I'm done...


I've finally got it despite of all the stress in the last few weeks! I've made a nice layout for this website.
Now we just have to fill the sections. Everybody of the Gospel-Sisters should write some facts about herself. Anne has prepared some questions to answer and she'll send them to you via eMail. So have an eye on your Mailbox ^^

See you,
Caro am 17.12.06 14:26

Building Area +++ Building Area +++ Building Area


Welcome at our nice website . As you can see, it's not ready yet.
But I'm going to create a nice layout soon. After that the sections will be filled with information about us, articles from newspapers about our concerts and hearing samples, etc...

So there's much to do!

Caro am 7.12.06 14:51